What Makes Rockin' the Shirt Different

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   I always like to start a post with an intro that hooks, but some days we just do not have time for that.  Let us get right into what makes Rockin' the Shirt different than other boutiques.

   Simply put, the difference is YOU.  When we post a new design to our Facebook and Instagram accounts, that is not the end of the story.  From there we allow YOU to choose the color and style top YOU would like the design to be placed on.    

   There is the occasional exception to this rule as we supply our physical and online stores with ready-to-ship tops.  In this case, If we posted those to our social media accounts we would clarify the size(s) available and state that it's ready-to-ship. 

   Because we allow you to customize your t-shirt, sweatshirt or tank, there can be a delay in your ability to pick up the item or for us to ship right away.  We keep t-shirts on-hand, but we go through them quickly and restock often.  If we do not have the t-shirt you choose available, we will wait a bit to gather enough customer orders to order a new box of t-shirts.  We do this because there is a minimum order requirement from the wholesaler to avoid a VERY HEFTY shipping fee.  If we had to incur this shipping fee often, we would not be able to stay open.  

   For those that have been with us over the last 7 years, we love you and are so thankful for your engagement, friendship and patience as we create t-shirts YOU specifically want...not just a t-shirt that you have to settle for.




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