The Reason I Started Rockin' the Shirt

   After working as a hospital nurse for many years, the burnout was REAL! It's hard to believe it has been 7 years since I hung it up.  Time sure does fly.  At first, I did not miss it.  But life brings us back to the need for medical care far too often reminding me of what I used to do and it is nostalgic.  I absolutely miss my nurse friends.  Those still working in healthcare make me want to go back.  But, then I wake up and realize I'm FREE to make my own rules.  That is what I wanted.  I keep reminding myself. 

   When I left the hospital my plans were to help my husband on the farm.  Lord knows there is always something to be done. It is not easy to go from a high-stress job to something more laid back without feeling anxious. For a time I stayed busy because my husband also has a "real" job outside of the farm, but seasons change and workload varies. Frankly, I got bored and wanted my own thing. What kind of business could I start because I was not going to work for someone else again. 

   Years prior my daughter and I were visiting and helping my parents at a craft fair in Belton, Texas.  Mom drug me and my sister to them our entire childhood selling sewn crafts.  As we got older she transitioned into pound cakes and was searched out by repeat customers at the shows she attended, selling out most times. 

   At this particular show in Belton I was taking a break from Mom's booth and strolling through the fair to see what other vendors were offering when I came upon a small booth that had women piled around it and looking somewhat frantic.  Some were pointing to t-shirts hanging behind the booth owner's head, some were holding up transfers to get a better look and the rest were rummaging through hundreds of transfers spread out on tables. Only being able to stand back and watch, it was clear I had stumbled on an idea. These women were fighting to get the transfer designs they wanted on the t-shirt color and size they chose.  Once they made their decision, which had to be done quickly before someone else got what they wanted, the design was handed to a lady who grabbed the color and size t-shirt needed.  She sat it in a pile next to man running a heat press.  You see where I am going with this? 

   Like I said, I KNOW craft fairs.  I lived them in my prior life. So, I did all the leg work to start an official business, bought equipment and started a Facebook VIP group and page.  I was just about to start applying for craft fairs when the Facebook group blew up! That is no joke.  Within a few days I had around 75 shirts to create.  I did not want to hire someone since I was doing it all out of my home at the time, so I called my sister, Marla.  

   Marla is also a nurse and I knew she was a bit burned out from the position she was working at the time.  I asked if she might be interested in taking some of the load off of me. To keep our books straight she decided to create her own business and share the group's customers with me. Hence the reason for some of the confusion when you order.  We did not think that through early on, but most of our customers understand once we explain.  It was not long before Marla became as busy as I was.  

      What makes Rockin' the Shirt unique is that when we offer a design, we allow you to decide what color and style top you would like it on.  There are exceptions occasionally as we supply the store with ready-to-ship items, but mostly we want our customers to be able to request what they want. After all, I started this business with the customer in mind.  It really is all about more customization for you and your specific needs!

   Seven years in and some details have changed as we have grown and evolved with the industry, but we are still creating t-shirts unique to you.  Marla remains a nurse in Lubbock, Texas and making shirts out of her home while I work full-time (whenever I want) along side my daughter, Morgan, in our store in Blooming Grove, Texas.  And although Morgan and I also have an online store at, our biggest sales remain and continue to come from our Facebook group of over 5K members! 



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