Our First Drawing - LV Gift Certificate

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Well, it's FINALLY here!  RTS Supply Co.  A website full of never ending surprises, updated trendy items and just plain FUN!

This website has been a long time in the making and we'd like to kick it off with a bang!  

Raise your hand if you like anything Louis Vuitton? (raising my hand here)

We thought about purchasing a pair of LV shoes.  Some LV jewelry.  Even a bag...but after asking around we came to the conclusion that you'd like to pick out your own LV goodie.  

So, your wish is out command.  On (or just after) September 16, 2021 we will be drawing for a $1,000 gift certificate.  The winner will receive a hand written certificate from Louis Vuitton - because that is the only way Louis Vuitton issues them. 

Here is how to enter: Every $1 you spend equals an entry into the drawing, however, there is no purchase necessary to enter or win.  Check out the official rules here.

Happy Shopping and Good Luck! 

Jan xoxo

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