How to Submit Your Engraved Recipe Board Order

Handwritten engraved recipe boards have by far been one of my favorite things to create for our customers.  The stories I hear of family and friends unwrapping them has been a joy.  There are so many feelings surrounding food, family and friends.  They connect us.  The smells, the laughter, the love of Grandma making your favorite dish or cake. 

The most frequent question I receive is "Will this recipe work and how do I submit it?" 

The answer is yes! Any recipe can be engraved and the easiest way to submit it to us is by scanning and emailing it to

A scan, versus taking a photo, ensures the cleanest copy.  Once I receive it I start the process of cleaning it up, if needed.  Some clean up well.  Others are VERY authentic.  As a matter of fact, many have food stains, extra pen marks, edits, you name it.  Clean or not-so-clean is not what makes these a beautiful keepsake.  It is the recipe originator that's remembered. All the love and all the flaws.

Choose a board here and send your recipe now.  December 7, 2021 is the cut-off for Christmas delivery. 



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