5 Places for a Freshie

Car Freshies - also known as Car Freshners - are small scented items that are used to add a pleasant aroma to a car's interior.  They are typically made up of materials that absorb or release a scent, such as paper, fabric or gel. 
At Rockin' the Shirt, we carry decorated gel freshies that come in a variety of wonderful scents. 
But, car freshies are not just for your vehicle.  Here are five places you might consider using these delicious smelling objects. 
  • In your car - Hang a car freshie from your rearview mirror to keep your car smelling fresh and pleasant while you're driving.
  • In a classroom - Place a car freshie in a room full of students to help eliminate bad odors and add a pleasant scent to the space.
  • In a locker or gym bag - A car freshie can help neutralize any unpleasant odors that may accumulate in your gym bag after a workout.
  • In your work place - Keep a car freshie on your desk or in a common area to help keep the air fresh and fragrant in your work environment.
  • In a bedroom/bath - add a soothing scent and well as decorate your most calming space at home.

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